Tactical Training League

The SimTrainer T2 (Tee-Squared) League is a great way to improve your handgun skills while having a great time doing it! This league is open to all shooters, both members and non-members alike. Visitors are always welcome, so come check out the fun!

Tuesdays are hosted from 5 pm to 9 pm or until the final shooter completes the course of fire. Wednesdays league is hosted from 9 am to 1 pm. If you plan to shoot but are running late, please remember to call the range to let us know.

What to Expect

This league focuses on defensive shooting, emphasizing principles learned in SimTrainer classes. Although the stages will use tactical-based scenarios, speed shooters should still enjoy the challenges encountered. Expect stages that will accommodate the beginners yet challenge the experienced. Each stage could require up to 32 rounds, but most are between 10 and 25 rounds. Plan on bringing a minimum of 50 rounds of CleanFire* ammo or purchasing it at the range. You should have at least 4 magazines, clips, or speed loaders for your firearm, but more is better. Tuesday sessions run from 5-8 PM or until all shooters are finished.  Wednesday morning sessions run from 10am to 12pm or until all shooters are finished.

Tactical scenarios may include a variety of situations you could encounter in a violent confrontation. Engaging targets from cover, drawing and firing safely during a carjack situation, shooting in low light environments, barricade and positional shooting, and other similar situations may be involved. The objective is to craft situations you could reasonably expect to experience.

League Rules

  • All shooters welcome!
  • Safety is paramount! All new shooters must clear with the range officer prior to registration. All weapons shall be in a case or holster except for the active shooter
  • Firearms are not to be handled anywhere in the facility except in the designated safe area/bullet trap or at the direction of the range officer on the firing line.
  • Range requires that only commercial CleanFire* ammo be used; no reloads. Bullets must be full metal jacket (FMJ), total metal jacket (TMJ), or personal defense ammo – no unjacketed lead.
  • Vision and hearing protection required at all times the range is hot, which is all times except during setup and tear down.
  • Any unsafe gun handling, dropping a loaded weapon, pointing weapon in an unsafe direction, or unintentional/negligent discharge will result in disqualification for that night.
  • Shooters are expected to help run the league by keeping score, pasting targets, cleaning up brass, set up and tear down.
  • Optics, red dot sights and laser designators are acceptable if that is what you carry for tactical use.
  • Each league will run 8 weeks, with best 5 scores counted.

The cost will be $12 per match. Winners will be awarded place plaques at the end of the league.

* CleanFire ammo is required for the league and all live-fire classes held downrange to reduce airborne contamination from lead-based primers. Because we stand downrange during the leagues and some classes, the airborne lead compounds are not pulled out of the range as completely as they are when shooting from the booths during normal operations. This is a serious health risk for shooters, instructors, and range officers. Ammunition purchased for these classes at the range will meet this requirement. If you bring your own ammunition, ensure it has lead-free primers and powders with FMJ or TMJ bullets. Examples of suitable ammunition are Speer CleanFire (CF in the product name), PMC eRange, and Winchester “WinClean” ammo with FMJ or TMJ bullets.