Day @ The Range

Join us for a Day @ The Range!

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SimTrainer is now welcoming private shooting events for groups up to 20 people. These events are designed to provide a fun and educational shooting experience. Each event will include a classroom orientation and a live shooting in our 10-stall indoor shooting range. Range and firearm safety is our main priority during these events. We will make sure everyone participating understands and knows proper gun handling procedures and range safety rules. Each event will include free gun rentals, free targets, and free ear and eye protection.

Scheduling a private event will reserve part or the entire indoor shooting range. Most of range materials and targets will be able to be used. Targets from bowling pins, paper targets, gaming targets, and knock down targets can be used.

Attendees will be able to use any range rental gun during the shooting portion of the private event. Attendees are more than welcome to bring their personal firearms as well (Full Automatic firearms must be approved by range manger and are only allowed to be used by the firearms owner).

All ammunition must be purchased at the store for all private events. Bulk ammunition may be purchased, and the cost may be spread throughout the attendee’s registration fees if requested. The cost for bulk ammo will vary from caliber and quantity purchased.

Group pricing is based on the total amount of registered attendees, and the range will be reserved for 2-4 hours. The number of attendees must be confirmed prior to the date of the event and the event must be pre-paid one week prior to the scheduled time.


5-10 people – $45 per person

11-20 people – $35 per person

Private Events

To inquire about pricing or details for private events, please use the form below! We will do our best to get back to you ASAP. You can also contact us at (937)293-3914.