Effective July 1, 2020, we are only offering quarterly and annual memberships. In addition, those wishing to become members MUST have their Ohio CCW permit or show proof of a recently conducted background check.

Annual Membership Fees:

  • NEW! Quarterly Membership: $75
    Valid for three months after date of purchase, AND allows NO COST access to recreational shooting!
  • Individual Membership: $250
  • Family Membership: $425
    (applies only to immediate family members living in the same household including
    children under age 21.)
  • Family Member Add-on: $125
    (allows adding adult family members in the immediate household including children age 21 and above to any active family membership.)
  • Law Enforcement / Military Membership: $200
  • LE / Military Family Membership: $375

***No discounts can be applied to already discounted memberships, classes or other items sold at the range.

Membership Benefits:

  • 15% Discount for all individual classes (only one discount may be applied per class)
  • Unlimited access to the range during recreational shooting hours
  • Firearms transfers through range Federal Firearms License with $15 discount
  • Preferred access to special events

Membership Requirements:

  • SimTrainer memberships are open to the public – everyone is welcome!
  • New members are required to complete a range check prior to first use of the range
  • Proof of a background check is required within 30 days – a valid Ohio CHL meets this requirement as does a copy of a background check run by your employer
  • Each member is provided a copy of the range rules and is expected to follow them to ensure safety and enjoyment for all range users

Guest Policy:

SimTrainer’s new Guest Policy is effective May 1, 2016. Click Here to download and read.