Try It B-4-U Buy It

Looking to buy a new firearm?

Try It BEFORE You Buy It!

at SimTrainer’s Indoor Shooting Range
2031 Dryden Road in Moraine

Only $10 plus the cost of ammo!!

One of the most challenging things about buying a new gun is making sure the gun works for you. There is only so much you can do without actually firing it. Once you have found one that seems to fit your hand, is the size you want, and suits your intended purpose, it’s time to take it (or one like it) into the range and put some rounds downrange. The problem is that firing a new gun makes it a used gun. Just like driving that new car off the lot drops its value, so does firing that first round.

So, how can you test drive a gun before plunking down several hundred dollars?

SimTrainer’s “Try It Before You Buy It” program was designed just for you! In about 20 minutes, you’ll know whether the type of gun you have selected works for you. Here’s what you get:

  • Box of ammunition and target
  • Hearing protection and eye protection
  • Use of SimTrainer’s range gun
  • Confidence that the gun you’re purchasing works for you!

All for only $10 plus the cost of ammo!

In addition, if you join SimTrainer to come back and shoot recreationally or take one of our outstanding firearms classes, you get a $25 discount to help pay for your membership or class registration fee!

If you haven’t started looking for a firearm yet and don’t know what type you are looking for, there are other options. Our Basic Handgun class will let you try several guns and includes full instruction on handgun fundamentals. Click on the class link for more information about this and other SimTrainer classes. If you don’t want to wait for a class, we can let you try any number of our range guns in a Private Lesson at $65 per hour per student. We will do whatever works best to make sure the gun you purchase will work for you.

Current guns in stock



  • S&W M&P 9mm Shield EZ M2.0
  • SW .380 Shield EZ
  • SW M&P 2.0
  • S&W M&P 2.0 Compact
  • S&W M&P sub-compact M2.0
  • M&P 2.0 Shield 9mm
  • M&P .22
  • M&P .22 Compact
  • Model 60
  • M&P 15-22
  • Bodyguard .380
  • Victory .22
  • Mod. 637
  • M&P Sport 2
  • M&P Shield Plus
  • Equalizer


  • Sig P-365
  • Sig P-320x Compact


  • LAR .22


  • Security 9 compact
  • LCP
  • LCR
  • American .22 Rifle
  • 10/22



  • M9


  • AP4 .223

Just Right Carbines

  • JRC Takedown


  • PPS M2

NOTE: Several pistols are equipped with different types of night sights or lasers for you to observe.