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Jeff Pedro and Mark Avery in new WHIO Studio

Hosts – Jeff Pedro and Mark Avery

From May 8, 2009 through December 17. 2022, SimTrainer sponsored a weekly (mostly) call-in talk radio show called Shootin’ from the Hip. Jeff Pedro and Mark Avery hosted the show, usually together, sometimes individually, until Jeff passed in October, 2021. With the amazing support of our listeners, friends, and staff at the station, Mark continued to host the show, sometimes with in-studio guests, but always working to maintain the standards set at the very beginning – bringing facts and data to share the truth about issues related to firearms, legislation, policy, the Constitution, and liberty.


The management at Cox Media Group took a big chance on us back in 2009. After several months of planning, we launched the show with Tommy Collins running the board and introducing us to the WHIO audience. With almost no prior advertising and just announcements by the other Ask the Expert hosts earlier in the day, we started getting calls after a short introduction and had packed lines until the clock ran out. It was solid confirmation that Dayton was ready for accurate information about firearms issues. We couldn’t have done it without the amazing support of the management, program directors, and producers at WHIO Radio. We are forever grateful!

On December 17, 2022, host Mark Avery was joined in studio by two special guests – Jeff Pedro’s daughter and active-duty police officer Amy Pedro, and SimTrainer’s newly designated Lead Instructor David Barton. During the hour, they recapped the show’s almost 14 years, told the story of Jeff’s vision for SimTrainer, and talked about what the future looks like. For what it’s worth, SimTrainer is still working to figure that out as it relates to replacing the show. When we know, we’ll make sure the info is sent to the subscribers of our email list and posted on our Facebook page. We hope those who have listened to the show over any part of the last 14 years will continue to follow us as we continue into new media.

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We always had a great time exploring firearms issues and hoped all our listeners would join us each week.

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Special Shows and Web Links

The Last Hurrah – our final radio show

Remembering Jeff Pedro

If you regularly followed the show, you know we were mostly on pause during the Dayton Flyer Sports seasons. Our first show after the 2021 football season was on Thanksgiving weekend, Saturday, November 27, 2021. This was a special show, the first broadcast after losing host Jeff Pedro. If you missed that show, we saved it here for you to listen to anytime.

Opening Show Flashback!

Remember how it all began? Maybe you’ve not been with us for the whole journey, so we’ve wound the time machine back to the very start. Join us again for our very first show!

You can also follow us on Twitter! Follow The feed is a bit dated – not sure what happened to the link, but we’ll get it resolved and again get Facebook items crossed posted to the Twitter feed.

Now that the show is complete, it remains to be seen how long the podcast link above will remain active.  We kept a copy of all shows and they are available by request if there’s a show you remember and want to share with someone who missed it. Please send us the date with your request.

Web Links

It is always a good time to think about what’s important. If you’ve not yet taken the time to join the National Rifle Association, consider that no other national organization has been as effective at protecting your Second Amendment rights. Neither has there ever been a time when it was more important that we as gun owners and outdoors enthusiasts, regardless of preference, stand together and speak with one voice to protect Liberty. If you haven’t seen any of the messages about who the members of the NRA really are, here’s a sample:

The first time I saw one of these on a broadcast network, I had to back up the DVR and play it again, just to believe it was actually what I thought it was. The anti-gun gang is much better at pulling on emotional strings than we are, but these ads go around the barriers of what some people think the NRA is to who we really are.

Maybe you used to be a member or never officially joined. Either way, it’s time to fix that now – and save $10 in the process. Click here or at the Join NRA link at the bottom of any page on this web site. Your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be glad you did.

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