Emergency Trauma First Aid Training

Emergency Trauma First Aid Training
4 hrs. / $225.00

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with essential skills to handle common medical emergencies often associated with mass casualty events like active shooters, bombings, or similar critical incidents.  First Aid Training emphasis will be on hemorrhage control, handling chest wounds, basic airway maintenance, and extraction/evacuation. Emphasis will be on both self-aid and buddy-aid response protocols.  This will involve both classroom instruction and practical application of learned skills.

In addition to learning essential emergency first aid skills, participants will be provided with a customized first aid kit that will contain all items necessary to handle such emergencies.

This course will be taught by SimTrainer Founding Member Dr. Brian L. Springer.  Dr. Springer is an associate professor at the Wright State University Department of Emergency Medicine in Dayton, Ohio. Dr. Springer served in the Marine Corps Reserve from 1988-1994 and is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. He attended medical school at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas and then came to Dayton for his emergency medicine residency and primary care sports medicine fellowship. He has been full time faculty with the Department of Emergency Medicine since 2002, and has served as Director of the WSU Division of Tactical Emergency Medicine since its inception in 2009. He oversees Division activities in the tactical medical training and operational medical support of multiple law enforcement agencies in southwest Ohio. He serves as a subject matter expert and adjunct instructor for the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, and helped create the Critical Injury First Aid curriculum taught to all Ohio police cadets as part of Basic Peace Officer training. Dr. Springer is a member of the EMS Region III Regional Physicians Advisory Board. He serves as the Tactical Medicine Director for the Ohio Tactical Officers Association, as an attending physician at the Kettering Medical Center Emergency Department, as medical director for the Kettering Fire Department, and as a patrol officer with the Grandview Medical Center Police Department.

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