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Permitless Carry Class
5 hrs. / $75.00

The Permitless Carry course is intended for qualifying adults who plan to carry a concealed handgun pursuant to the conditions established by SB 215 which are in effect as of June 13, 2022. SimTrainer has been teaching concealed carry classes since the licensing system began in 2004. This course brings that experience to those desiring to carry without a license (permitless carry, sometimes incorrectly referred to as “constitutional carry”) and ensure they understand the legal implications.

Students will need their firearm, two magazines if using a semi-auto (speed strips or speed loaders recommended for revolvers but not required), and 100 rounds of ammunition for the live fire range portion of the course. Ammo may be available for purchase at the range, but we strongly recommend you confirm we have the caliber needed for your firearm before arriving for class. Ear and eye protection are available at the range, or you can use your own.

The Permitless Carry course includes instruction in legal requirements for concealed carry in Ohio, safe handling of firearms, and live fire shooting from distances of 7, 10, 15 and 25 feet. Students should download a copy of the Attorney General’s Ohio Concealed Carry Law book and read through it prior to class. (It can also be downloaded from the Ohio Attorney General’s website.) This book is available in downloadable form only; printed copies are no longer available for distribution in class. We strongly recommend that students review this publication before attending class so they can more actively participate in class discussions concerning related legal issues and get answers to frequently asked questions.

This course is not primarily a firearms course. SimTrainer will continue to offer opportunities for persons with varying degrees of firearms experience to obtain the level of training they deem appropriate to achieve confidence and competence in owning, carrying, and potentially using a firearm in self-defense. As mentioned earlier, if you have little or no experience with handguns, we strongly recommend that you first complete the Basic Handgun Safety and Familiarization course or arrange a Private Lesson before attending the Permitless Carry course. Attendance at the Basic Handgun class or taking a Private Lesson will provide students with structured basic instruction in firearms safety, handling, and shooting proficiency and afford them the opportunity to try several of the most popular firearms before making a purchase. Basic Handgun courses are offered twice a month on Sunday afternoon and Monday evening. Private Lessons can be arranged at various dates/times throughout the week.

If you are competent in the safe handling and proficient shooting of handguns but you have not yet purchased your own, we have several popular models (Glock 19, 43x, 48, Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 sub-compact, S&W Shield, S&W 9mm EZ, Ruger Security 9, and Sig P365 among others) available for a $10 rental fee on our Range Gun program. Please discuss your firearms background with one of our staff members so they can assist you in selecting the gun that is right for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Ohio requires that firearms be transported unloaded unless you carry only a handgun and have a CHL or are a Qualifying Adult carrying under to permitless carry provision. The definition of unloaded also requires having no loaded magazines or speed loaders in a vehicle if a gun they can be used with is also in the vehicle unless the firearm and magazines are in separate closed cases. In any case, please do not preload your magazines or speed loaders before coming to the range.

Students will need to come prepared with a firearm, two magazines, and 100 rounds of ammo for the live fire portion of the class. We usually have 9mm ammo available for purchase at the range, and we encourage you to purchase it there or elsewhere before the date of your class as ammunition is currently hard to get and therefore may not be available when you arrive for your class session. We only occasionally have .380, .40, .45, or .38 on the shelves.

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    At The Range

    Ohio CCW Certification

    This state-mandated course is taught by NRA and/or OPOTA certified instructors, and it meets all State of Ohio training requirements for applying for a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) which permits licensees to carry concealed handguns.

    Range Membership

    SimTrainer offers range membership for those who want to get in regular practice here at the range. It also comes with a discount on classes and retail purchases, along with early access to special events, and more!

    First Shots

    At the end of this course, parents will know the proper way to handle these firearms and be able to supervise their children on the range if and when they elect to participate in recreational shooting as a family activity. If you're new to firearms training, First Shots should be your first port of call!