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Our Mission?


At SimTrainer, we aim to enable your personal success in recreational, competitive, and self-defense shooting mastery. We do this by balancing cost, time commitment, and advanced level performance in a friendly and welcoming environment, regardless of experience levels.

By reinforcing the fundamentals during increasingly complex scenarios, we are able to simulate additional stressors. This leads to improved performance under competitive and personal protection situations including handgun, rifle, and shotgun, trauma medicine, and concealed carry.

At The Range

Ohio CCW Certification

This state-mandated course is taught by NRA and/or OPOTA certified instructors, and it meets all State of Ohio training requirements for applying for a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) which permits licensees to carry concealed handguns.

Range Membership

SimTrainer is a membership only range.  (Training courses are open to the public) Your membership comes with a discount on classes, unlimited access to the shooting range, discounts on FFL transfers, and early access to special events.

First Shots

At the end of this course, students will know the proper way to handle firearms safely.  If you're new to firearms training, First Shots should be your first port of call!

Competitive Shooting League

Tuesday evenings from 4-7 PM

Wednesdays from 11 am to 1 pm.

The league is designed to provide shooters with the opportunity to practice learned skills (drawing from a holster, tactical reloading, using barricades, shooting from various positions, shooting on the move and at moving targets, shooting in low light conditions, precision aimed and instinctive point shooting, good guy/bad guy target recognition, among others) in a pre-fabricated stressful environment characterized by performing in front of your peers and under time limits while navigating the challenging courses of fire.

Courses of fire usually require between 48-56 rounds of Cleanfire ammo, which can be purchased at the range, and participants should have at least 3-4 magazines.

Ladies Only “Ballistic Therapy”

See Course Page for Timings

This class is designed to be a pressure free environment for ladies to ask any questions they may have and improve their shooting skills.

The course will be broken down into three sessions. The first session will be in the classroom where we will hold a discussion on the topics you are most interested in. This may be CCW and how to carry, situational awareness, or just a question-and-answer session. Next, we will move out to the range to work on a specific drill that will help you improve your fundamentals, with a focus on grip and trigger control. Lastly, comes the “Therapy Session” We will do some fun shooting where you get to shoot at bowling pins, a plate rack, or some fun game targets.

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