Private Lessons for Firearms Training

Private Lessons
$65/ hour per student

Lessons are held at SimTrainer’s Indoor Shooting Range,
2031 Dryden Road in Moraine

If your schedule does not allow you to attend any of our scheduled classes, or if you prefer more personalized one-on-one instruction, SimTrainer offers firearms training through private lessons. Individual or small group (2-4) private lessons can be scheduled at various dates/times throughout the week, at a rate of $50/hour per student. Students will also be responsible for purchasing ammunition the day of the lesson. Private lessons are available for all classes offered by SimTrainer; however, some advanced classes must be scheduled in groups of up to four persons due to the way the classes are conducted. To schedule a private lesson, please complete and submit the contact form below. An instructor will then contact you to set a date and time that is best for your schedule. As lessons will not be possible during other range classes, we recommend checking our range calendar before requesting a time or date for a lesson.

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