CCW Beyond the Basics

Concealed Carry | Beyond the Basics
4 hrs. / $115.00

Once you have completed your initial 8-hour CCW course, we recommend that you join the range and start practicing your shooting skills during our many hours of recreational shooting each week and consider taking our and CCW Beyond the Basics course. The purpose of this course is to provide concealed handgun licensees with advanced firearms training to more adequately prepare them to successfully resolve deadly force encounters if they are faced with such circumstances. This intensive four hour course will cover the following:

  • Mastery of shooting fundamentals
  • Drawing and Re-holstering
  • Drawing from concealment
  • Close quarter instinctive shooting options
  • Emergency reloading and reloading with retention
  • Shooting at realistic humanoid targets
  • Shoot/don’t shoot decision making

Possession of a valid CCW License is a prerequisite for enrolling in this class. Students will need hard shell ear and eye protection, a functioning firearm, outside waistband holster, at least two magazines, magazine holder and 50 rounds of American made factory ammo (NO RELOADS). An additional 100 rounds of specialty Cleanfire ammo must be purchased at the range on the day of training for use in our down range exercise/drills. In addition, students need to bring an oversized shirt or light jacket for use during the drawing from concealment portion of the training.

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Cancellation Policy

SimTrainer will not issue refunds for any training course registrations.  Registrants will be permitted to reschedule to a future course provided they give at least 48 hour notice AND pay a $25 rescheduling fee.

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