SimTrainer Range Guns for Sale

It is estimated that about 90% of all guns in circulation in the US have been sold. As almost everyone knows, it is almost impossible to get any of the preferred firearms people most want. We are almost out of every new gun we had in inventory, however, last week we obtained several that you are going to be interested in, so you had better hurry in to get them before they are gone, not for good but likely for a long time. We now have two Ruger 5-7s in stock and for sale at $800. Whoever buys one of these guns will be given the opportunity to purchase 500 rounds of 5.7 x28 ammo for $300.

We also received two of the recently released Ruger LCP II pistols in .22 caliber. These two highly desirable “pocket” guns will fly out the door to the first two buyers who show up and pay $350, Hurry in today or tomorrow or you will lose your one in a long time chance to get one.

As you can see from reviewing the list of remaining guns for sale, the NEW Rock River 350 Legend and DPMS bull barrel AR have been sold.

All Prices Listed Are Cash or Check.  3% additional charge for credit cards. List subject to change as sales are occurring rapidly!

Remaining USED firearms:

JRC 9 mm rifle $500/ea
Ruger American .22 bolt action rifle $300
Ruger SP-101 .357 Stainless Revolver w/ 2.25” barrel $500
Ruger LCP $200
Springfield XDM 45
w/ 4.5 ” brl and tritium night sights
S&W Bodyguard $200