Mixed Doubles League

Mixed Doubles is Starting in May!

Beginning Friday May 26th and continuing until July 3, we will be running a 5 week Mixed Doubles competitive shooting league. Please register for sessions at the bottom of this page.

Shooters are permitted to shoot any pistol caliber handgun.

Teams can be made up of husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, or any male/female team consisting of friends or fellow range members.  Each male/female team member will be assigned a number, men will be odd and women will be even. The average of your combined scores each week on the designated course of fire will be tabulated.  But here is the equalizer to make sure everyone has a chance to win…you will be paired up with your original partner only in weeks one and five.  During weeks two thru four, your opposite gender partner will be determined by a random draw. You can still shoot the course of fire with your original partner when it is convenient for you to come to the range, but your scores will be turned in at the front desk and recorded in a spread sheet so weekly tabulations can be made.  Weekly winners will be posted on the website, and $25 restaurant or Simtrainer gift cards will be given to each member of the “couple” with the highest average score each week. At the end of the five week period, $50 gift cards and plaques will be awarded to the highest scoring man and woman for the entire league.  We will have a five shot shoot off in case of ties. The designated course of fire will be posted each Friday, and competitors have until the following Friday to complete it.  Scores will be posted on the website Mixed Doubles link under Activities and Events.

Your cost is only $5 for members and $10 for non-members per week plus the cost of a box of ammo (Ammo must be purchased at the range to help offset the costs associated with running the league).  Weekly courses of fire and special instructions will be posted on the website and will be available at the front desk.  Targets and pasters will be provided.  Scoring of targets will be on the honor system since we are all adults in it for the fun of it!!!  Please score and paste the target at the end of each shooting stage. When scoring targets, any shot that breaks the scoring ring counts for the higher value.  If it is too difficult to determine, count the lower value.  The weekly courses of fire will be shot in the stalls from the low ready position and will include timed fire at multiple targets, at varying distances, and using both strong and weak hands. Depending on the interest and enthusiasm of this venture, we will consider at least seasonal similar events with increasingly interesting and challenging courses of fire.

Upcoming Sessions

All two person teams wishing to participate must register for the event below by selecting the class and entering BOTH participants’ names in a single registration.  Remember to select “2” in the Spaces dropdown box to add the second participant field.  Please compete the registration by May 24 so we can prepare weekly pairings.

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