Competitive Shooting League

Week 5 of Summer II is a STEEL SHOOT – so come prepated, or plan to purchase your frangible ammo here at the range!

What to Expect:

The league is designed to provide shooters with the opportunity to practice learned skills (drawing from a holster, tactical reloading, using barricades, shooting from various positions, shooting on the move and at moving targets, shooting in low light conditions, precision aimed and instinctive point shooting, good guy/bad guy target recognition, among others) in a pre-fabricated stressful environment characterized by performing in front of your peers and under time limits while navigating the challenging courses of fire.  Courses of fire usually require between 48-56 rounds of Cleanfire ammo, which can be purchased at the range, and participants should have at least 3-4 magazines.

The cost for participation is $12 per week and plaques are awarded to the top three finishers in both the standard and masters (individuals who have placed in the top three in three separate league sessions) classes of shooters.  Top three plaques are also posted at the range.  Participants need to shoot in at least five of the eight weeks for each league session to be eligible for plaques since we count the five best weekly scores.  Your score is calculated by subtracting your time from actual points earned.

League sessions are held on Tuesday evenings from 5-9 PM and Wednesdays from 9 am to 1 pm.  Participants can compete on both days.  The league schedule is posted on the SimTrainer website under the Activities tab.  Please check the schedule or range calendar regularly since training classes occasionally preempt league sessions.

League Rules

  • All new shooters must discuss their individual skills with range staff prior to participating to make sure they have the necessary experience to compete.  Experience drawing and re-holstering, shooting from cover, on the move and at moving targets are necessary prerequisites for participation.  SimTrainer offers courses to teach such skills.
  • All firearms are to remain in the holster until the shooter is on the line under the supervision of the Range Safety Officer (RSO).  Participants will load and unload firearms only in the presence of the RSO.
  • Participants may load magazines in the classroom or in the range, but they are not permitted to handle their firearms anywhere in the facility except that unloaded firearms may be removed from range bags and placed directly into the holster without racking the action.
  • Participants who opt to use the gun they carry must wait until they are on the firing line under the supervision of the RSO to unload their personal protection ammo and replace it with Cleanfire ammo.
  • Only commercial CleanFire ammo be used during league; no reloads. Bullets must be full metal jacket (FMJ), total metal jacket (TMJ) – no unjacketed lead.  Cleanfire ammo is available for purchase at the range.
  • Vision and hearing protection required at all times the range is hot, which is all times except during setup and tear down
    Any unsafe gun handling, dropping a loaded weapon, pointing weapon in an unsafe direction, or unintentional/negligent discharge will result in disqualification for that night.
  • Shooters are expected to help run the league by keeping score, pasting targets, cleaning up brass, set up and tear down.
    Red dot sights and lasers are acceptable, but those who use them will be placed in the Masters class.