The Christmas Raffle (For Real This Time!)

It’s here.

We’ve finalized our Christmas Raffle! And, for those of you who heard about it last week… this version is WAY more exciting! There are five chances to win, and the prizes have been upgraded as well! Tickets will be sold now until the 23rd – which means you don’t have much time, so act fast. 

You could win:

  1. A Rock River BTB Rifle
  2. The SimTrainer Training Pass Plus
  3. Smith & Wesson Shield 2.0
  4. SecureIt Fastbox 47 + Gunvault Speedvault Combo
  5. Any In-Stock Crimson Trace Handgun Laser

The Training Pass Plus, as you know, includes an individual membership (or renewal), and the FULL SERIES of Handgun 1-5! So, if you’re looking to register for advanced training in the coming year, and take your skill to the next level, this could be your chance to do just that for the price of your tickets!

As an added bonus, we’ve decided that this time around, if you buy (or sell!) 10 tickets, you’ll get a $20 SimTrainer gift card!

If you’ve got questions, just let us know.