Live Fire Drill Cards

What are Live Fire Drill Cards?

 We’re glad you asked! Live Fire Drill Cards are a part of the system that Steve Burnett has developed to help shooters revolutionize the way they train with their handguns. Steve developed a complete shooter’s manual that includes shooting drills and, most importantly, drill cards to help you document and keep track of your progress. The detailed drill cards provide shooters with all the information they need to have productive shooting practice sessions, and the training log provides shooters with a convenient way to document their training both for improving skills and keeping a detailed compilation of training for potential future legal proceedings.  Steve’s ingenious Shoot…Measure…Improve philosophy drives the program and virtually guarantees success to those dedicated to doing the work to become the best they can possibly be.
The compilation of drills included in the manual are some of the most popular shooting drills that trainers have used to improve shooting skills for years. You may even recognize a few that you have tried in the past!
The product is self-explanatory, and the manual includes a short, easy to understand overview of the program.  I encourage you to hurry in and purchase your LDRC Handgun Training Manual today.  Your $59.95 investment will enable you to begin to practice with a purpose and keep track of your progress.  Targets for use with the respective shooting drills can be purchased at the range or downloaded and printed from
Since some of the drills require drawing from the holster, use of multiple targets, and moving and shooting, Simtrainer will schedule periodic training sessions to enable shooters to practice such skills outside of the stalls.  These additional training sessions will last 1-2 hours, and will cost only $25 per person.
The first training session will be held Thursday July 6from 6-7 PM, and it will provide participants with an overview of how to make the program work for them.  This session will be FREE for everyone who purchases the LFDC Manual.
For more information, go to and/or listen to the June 24 podcast of Shootin’ from the Hip when Steve was a special guest on the show.  You can also stop by the range and review the manual.