National Shooting Sports Month 2019

It’s National Shooting Sports Month!

SimTrainer is proud to announce that we’re participating in National Shooting Sports Month again in 2019!

Sponsored annually by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, NSSM is a perfect opportunity to introduce friends and family members to the shooting sports. So, we’re going to be offering MANY opportunities to bring others here to the range, to learn about the shooting sports! 

If you’re looking to introduce a family member or friend, our upcoming weekend events are the perfect opportunity!


For all of August, each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, during all recreational shooting hours, we’re offering the following for JUST $10!

  • An In-Depth Safety Briefing with our trained staff
  • A Gun Handling Overview
  • Ear and Eye Protection
  • Use of a Lane on the Range
  • A Target
  • Use of a Range Gun of your Choice (.22 or 9mm)
    *ammo purchased separately, and rental of additional .22 or 9mm handguns or rifles available for $5 each


Or, if you’re already familiar with the shooting sports, and recreation is more your style…. we’re also adding fun shoots to our schedule! Register for the events below, that way we can ensure proper staff are available for the event. 

MONDAYS 6-9pm: Bowling Pin Shoot, $5 per entry, plus the cost of ammo (REGISTER BELOW!)

  • *This fast paced event requires shooters to shoot racks of 5 pins as fast as you can.  Each shooter will shoot 10 times and your total time is your score.  Lowest time is the winner.  Each week, the top three shooters will be listed on the website under the Activities/Bowling Pin Shoot dropdown tab.  The winner for the month (must shoot at least three times) will receive a FREE Quarterly membership to the range.

WEDNESDAYS 6-9pm: Steel Shoot, $25 per entry (includes box of specialty frangible ammo that must be used when shooting steel indoors – REGISTER BELOW!)

  • This action-packed, fast-paced, immediate feedback activity requires you to shoot the various patterns of steel targets as fast as you can.  Shooters will shoot a total of ten 5 round strings and your cumulative time is your score.  Lowest time wins.  The top three shooters each week will be listed on the website under the Activities/Steel Shoot dropdown tab.  The overall winner for the month (must shoot at least three times) will receive a FREE Quarterly membership to the range.

Then, every day in August, you can get one free game target with every purchase of a box of ammo, per visit! (Including Race Car, Tic Tac Toe, Darts, Battle Ship, Shoot the Star, and Billiards targets). Challenge yourself or compete against someone else!


To register, select the class on your desired date.

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