Thoughts & Solutions to Active Shooter Incidents

I thought I would take a moment to respond to the media coverage of the active shooter situation that occurred in Florida this past week.

It is absolutely ridiculous that uninformed citizens and the liberal media are pointing blame for the Florida school shooting at the NRA, politicians who received funding from the NRA, Pres. Trump, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, and GOP legislatures who they claim refuse to implement common sense laws to stop such atrocities.

Let’s start with what we know about the incident.  A crazed gunman took a firearm onto school property (felony), committed mass murder (multiple capitol felonies), and injured numerous others with a firearm (again, numerous felonies)

He reportedly posted on youtube that he “was going to be a famous school shooter” which was reported to the FBI, but they were unable to make a connection to him.  He was reported to have had pictures of his firearms on social media, and his friends said he obsessed over them.  He had online affiliation with radical groups, he reportedly tortured pets, and it is reported that he had been expelled from the school where he committed his crimes for fighting and having ammo in his backpack.  Fellow students allegedly claimed that the killer would likely be the one to shoot up their school “if it ever actually happened”.  Numerous school staff and other unspecified individuals claimed he had psychological/emotional problems or was odd, and his step mother told others he was a problem child.  After his step-mother died within that past year or so, he is reported to have gone inward and lived with different friends.  He is 19 years old, and it has been reported that he lawfully purchased the AR rifle that he used to commit the crime (also a sentencing enhancement when a gun is used to commit a crime).  So much for see something, say something.  Good advice, but it did not work here.

Now to my main point.  Given all we know, and there will undoubtedly be more information disclosed as the investigation progresses, what could possibly have been done by the NRA, politicians who received NRA funding, Pres. Trump, Gov. Scott, GOP legislators, local, state of federal law enforcement personnel, school officials, members of the community or fellow students to stop this atrocity.  I argue virtually NOTHING!!! However, I propose that one potential thing that could have been done to minimize the death toll in this incident is ARMING THE SECURITY OFFICER/FOOTBALL COACH WHO COULD DO NOTHING MORE THAN HEROICALLY PUT HIS BODY BETWEEN THE KILLER AND THE KIDS.  I do not think anyone should serve as a security guard ANYWHERE without being trained and armed.   I know people will criticize me for promoting such a position, but it IS THE ONLY ANSWER TO THE QUESTION THEY ASK ABOUT WHAT WE could have done.  Everything else the anti-gun, liberal and uninformed vocal minority calls for amounts to nothing more than FEEL GOOD claims.  Keep in mind that the simple fact is that the most common resolution to such active killer incidents is when an armed, ready, willing and capable person on the scene shoots the killer, forces him to flee, forces his surrender or causes the killer to commit suicide.

And one more thing.  If the liberal politicians who are so quick to wrongly point the blame really cared about the victims and their families or all Americans for that matter, they would stop trying to legalize illegal immigration and pass the NICS Fix and National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill that has been put on the back burner since November 2017 so they can argue how to make other illegal acts legal.  Pass that one piece of legislation which contains some major revisions to the background check system, and that could be a Segway to additional legislation to improve the mental health system as it related to preventing psychologically/emotionally disturbed persons from getting guns legally.

Oh, and still another matter.  Many of the same feel-gooders advocate an assault weapons ban to solve such incidents.  How uniformed they really are.  Although several recent mass killers have used such firearms, other types of firearms have been many times more frequently used.  Case in point…it is not the object (gun, truck, plane, pressure cooker, etc.) that is the problem, but rather the mental state and motivation of the killer that needs to be the focus.

Feel free to comment with your responses to these points.